SoloHealth is becoming Pursuant Health Recently, we announced a new name that better reflects our mission of engaging individuals to manage their health and improve outcomes. We are pleased to offer exciting new products, a major clinical partnership, and improvements to our existing offerings. While our name may change, our focus remains on the individuals who use our services.
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Pursuant Health. Your Partner in the Pursuit of a Healthy Life.


SoloHealth empowers you to take charge of your health by providing free and convenient access to health and wellness services.


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  • Free &

    The SoloHealth Station is a free and easy-to-use health and wellness screening unit conveniently located in thousands of retail locations, including select Walmart, Sam’s Club, Safeway and Schnuck Markets. Station users can quickly and accurately screen for a variety of health and wellness tests while receiving an overall health assessment and educational information.
  • Track & Trend Progress

    SoloHealth Station users receive a customized report of their health screening scores and data, which is securely stored on the SoloHealth platform. During future Station visits, people can track and trend their results to see their health and wellness progressing. Health data can also be accessed through an online SoloHealth member account.
  • Self-Service Health Care

    SoloHealth supports consumer empowerment through self-service health care. At the SoloHealth Station, people gain free convenient access to a: Vision screening, Blood Pressure check, Weight Management and BMI test, which features a Body Mass Index Calculator. Additional health services and assessments are offered too, and can be completed in less than five minutes.
  • Customized Health Service Experience

    SoloHealth offers highly personalized and relevant experiences to Station participants. Such personalization and relevancy allows for customizable content, which leads to a unique user-centric experience.

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SoloHealth Announces Cleveland Clinic Wellness Collaboration, Changes Company Name to Pursuant Health

SoloHealth introduces new employer health and wellness platform; achieves engagement rates as high as 91% for employees and 70% for spouses

Atlanta, Georgia — March 26, 2015 — SoloHealth®, a health and wellness company, announced today a new collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise, a subsidiary of Cleveland Clinic. SoloHealth also announced that effective immediately it will rename the company Pursuant Health ( to better align with the company’s mission of engaging individuals to manage their health and improve outcomes. Since late 2012, SoloHealth has performed over 73 million health screenings through its national network of 3,600 FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant self-service kiosks. The kiosks are conveniently located within major retail pharmacies, worksites and hospitals within 10 miles of 79% of the U.S. population.

Using insights gathered from consumer engagements and behavioral change experts from Cleveland Clinic Wellness, the company has developed a highly-convenient and clinically-valid health and wellness platform delivered through health kiosks, mobile access points and online. The company now offers a comprehensive solution including health risk assessments, coaching, incentive management, challenges and an integrated lab screening network, all supplemented by non-invasive biometric data collected from the kiosks. Initial employer wellness programs delivered through this platform have achieved engagement rates as high as 91% for employees and 70% for spouses, proving that the high engagement levels the company achieves with publicly-available kiosks carry over to workplace wellness programs.