The SoloHealth mission is to offer the nation’s premier and most trusted consumer-directed health care platform, designed to use vital data to connect consumers with relevant services and products, improve efficiencies in the health care system, promote well-being and create better health care outcomes.
March 2015

SoloHealth Announces Cleveland Clinic Wellness Collaboration, Changes Company Name to Pursuant Health

SoloHealth introduces new employer health and wellness platform; achieves engagement rates as high as 91% for employees and 70% for spouses

SoloHealth®, a health and wellness company, announced today a new collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise, a subsidiary of Cleveland Clinic.  SoloHealth also announced that effective immediately it will rename the company Pursuant Health to better align with the company’s mission of engaging individuals to manage their health and improve outcomes.  Since late 2012, SoloHealth has performed over 73 million health screenings through its national network of 3,600 FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant self-service kiosks.  The kiosks are conveniently located within major retail pharmacies, worksites and hospitals within 10 miles of 79% of the U.S. population.

Health Insurance Information Now Available on SoloHealth Stations

In September 2013, SoloHealth announced that health insurance information would now be made available via the SoloHealth Station nationwide. SoloHealth entered into partnerships with several health providers, including Wellpoint, Blue Cross Blue Shield and eHealth, as well as with the Health & Human Services Department to promote the new health care Marketplace.

SoloHealth Hits 30 Million Consumer Engagements…and Rising

In August 2013, SoloHealth surpassed the 30-million mark for consumer engagements, pacing 10 million users per quarter and projecting 40M per year. Texas, Florida, California, Georgia and North Carolina are leading all states in consumer engagement and usage. Consumer interactions literally climb by the minute.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia & SoloHealth Announce Partnership

In June 2013, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa), the state’s largest insurer, and SoloHealth announced a strategic partnership that gave BCBSGa unique access to SoloHealth’s network of health and wellness consumer Stations for personalized member engagement services and highly targeted new member acquisition programs. As of August 1, 2013, BCBSGa’s more than 2.4 million members have had access to the bilingual Stations located in more than 125 select Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Georgia.

SoloHealth Announces Partnership with Safeway

In March 2013, SoloHealth and Safeway announced a partnership that would allow shoppers at some of the national food and drug retailer’s locations to add a health and wellness checkup to their shopping list. SoloHealth set up Stations in almost 700 of Safeway’s 1,644 stores by April 2013.

SoloHealth Featured in USA Today

On February 19, 2013, SoloHealth was featured in a front-page story, in USA Today entitled, “Companies invest in self-service health kiosks.” The article explored how SoloHealth was empowering consumers with free services and tools–all located conveniently while they shopped in retail locations.

SoloHealth Partners with Clinton Foundation

In early 2013, SoloHealth announced its partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation’s 2013 Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI). SoloHealth joined other health care industry leaders including GE, Humana and Tenet Healthcare Corporation, in a pledge to improve the health and well-being of people across the United States. SoloHealth’s commitment included building and distributing a tobacco cessation educational assessment across its nationwide SoloHealth Station platform.

SoloHealth Inks Walmart & Sam’s Club Deals

In September 2012, SoloHealth announced it had signed agreements with both Walmart & Sam’s Club to begin rolling out SoloHealth Stations. The Stations appeared first in Sam’s Club locations nationwide, making Sam’s Club the first warehouse club retailer to install the units. The Stations also began rolling out in select Walmart locations. “Providing innovative, preventative products and wellness services to our members is a major priority for Sam’s Club,” commented Sam’s Club executive Jill Turner-Mitchael. “Sam’s Club continues to deliver on that priority, providing support of preventative health to our communities and enabling our members to take charge of their health.”

SoloHealth & Dell Announce Strategic Partnership

In August 2012, SoloHealth entered a strategic partnership with Dell to utilize Dell’s OEM Solutions technology, development and deployment expertise for the SoloHealth Station. As part of the agreement, Dell would produce and deliver thousands of SoloHealth Stations to retail locations nationwide. A senior Dell executive commented, “We’re pleased to help SoloHealth bring their innovative kiosks to the public and empower consumers to take control of their health.”

WellPoint Takes Investment Stake in SoloHealth

In August 2012, SoloHealth announced a new strategic relationship with WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP), one of the nation’s largest health benefits companies, which included a financial investment in SoloHealth. A senior WellPoint executive stated, “The SoloHealth Station is a truly innovative product that leverages technology to provide an enhanced, convenient and engaging consumer health experience. By investing in SoloHealth, we are excited to help millions of Americans better manage their own health and well-being.”

SoloHealth Earns FDA Approval

During the summer of 2012, SoloHealth received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the SoloHealth Station, an interactive, comprehensive health and wellness screening kiosk for consumers. The FDA clearance rapidly advanced the company’s business.

SoloHealth Wins Intel’s Coveted Innovation Award

In November 2011, SoloHealth and the SoloHealth Station were recognized with Intel’s coveted IT health care award, the “Intel Innovation Award,” during the 2011 Health IT Leadership Summit. This honor identified SoloHealth as a leader in technology and an exceptional innovator of health care delivery and processes.

Coinstar, Inc. Invests in SoloHealth

In March 2011, Coinstar, Inc. (now OuterWall, Inc.) made a strategic investment in SoloHealth and its next-generation SoloHealth Station.  The investment helped SoloHealth to strategically expand its business and serve more consumers around the nation.

SoloHealth Wins $1.2M Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

SoloHealth was awarded a $1.2M grant by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance SoloHealth’s initial product, EyeSite, a vision screening kiosk, into a more comprehensive self-service health and wellness station. This new health kiosk would become the SoloHealth Station.

First Interactive Vision Screening Unit Rolls Out

In June 2008, SoloHealth launched its inaugural product, EyeSite, a self-service vision screening kiosk. The interactive product, which first appeared in Walmart stores, allowed consumers to receive the comprehensive vision test free of charge.

October 2007

SoloHealth is Launched

In October 2007, Founder and CEO Bart Foster launched SoloHealth, a consumer-driven health care technology company.  SoloHealth’s goal is to empower people to take charge of their health through free interactive tools and services.

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What is SoloHealth’s mission?

The SoloHealth mission is to be the nation’s premier consumer-directed and trusted health care platform designed to use vital data to connect consumers with relevant services and products, improve efficiencies, promote well-being and create better health care outcomes. The SoloHealth Station platform helps educate and empower millions of Americans to take charge of their health and ultimately leads to a healthier, more efficient and financially sound nationwide health care system.

What is SoloHealth’s core product?

SoloHealth’s core product is the SoloHealth Station, a comprehensive health and wellness kiosk. The SoloHealth Station is much more than a kiosk. It is a health and wellness access platform, providing valuable screening tools and services, while also serving as a vast, safe and secure health data management exchange.

Who are SoloHealth’s target audiences?

SoloHealth’s primary audience is consumers. However, business partners span advertisers, retailers and employers.

What service(s) does the SoloHealth Station offer consumers?

The SoloHealth Station is a self-service platform offering a variety of free health care and wellness services, including screening tools for vision, blood pressure and BMI, as well as expanding services such as our vitamin and smoking cessation assessments. Additionally, SoloHealth offers customized services for our growing list of partners, particularly around our health plan providers.

How long do the SoloHealth screening tests take?

Each of the SoloHealth tests average two to three minutes, including a few relevant questions that help assess an individual’s general health. A user can complete the entire screening experience in less than seven minutes.

Does the SoloHealth Station replace a regular doctor exam?

No, the SoloHealth Station is not meant to replace an official doctor examination. It provides a portal for millions of consumers to access health screenings in a free, fast and self-service manner – many who would not regularly seek health care attention. Once evaluated, the SoloHealth Station provides users with a comprehensive health risk assessment that can identify potential problems and allows them to connect to a database of local professional providers.

Where are the SoloHealth Stations currently located?

SoloHealth Stations are currently located in over 3,500 select retail locations, including Walmart, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Schnuck Markets, Vons, Tom Thumb and Randalls stores. Executives continue expansion, expecting almost 6,000 in market in 2014.

Will the SoloHealth Station provide me with screening results?

Yes, once you’ve completed the tests, you’ll receive a comprehensive health assessment with your health scores and results, suggestions for improvement, and access to a database of local health care providers. SoloHealth Station users can access their results via mobile, email or at the Stations.

Can I keep a history of my SoloHealth Station results if I’d like to return to a Station later?

Yes, at your request only, your personal information is stored on a secured cloud-based system. A SoloHealth Station user may create an account at the Station using a user name, magnetic card or barcode and password. The SoloHealth account can be accessed on any Station in the network and may be available via an online web portal (solohealth.com).

Does SoloHealth share user health care data with their partners?

SoloHealth user data remains secure, safe and private and is only shared if a user opts in to do so. In fact, users can use the SoloHealth Stations completely anonymously and still get the benefits of the screening services. With consumer consent, SoloHealth does connect users with relevant health and wellness services and products. Our adaptive logic can help make qualified, personal and valuable connections that will benefit both the consumer and our partners. SoloHealth has entered into several partnerships with insurance providers and work with many health and wellness brands. In addition to SoloHealth’s privacy policies, the company has incorporated partners’ privacy policies into the SoloHealth Station experience. Please see our the complete Privacy and Data Sharing Policies.

Can I expect privacy and confidentiality in terms of my SoloHealth results?

The privacy and confidentiality of the SoloHealth user’s health care data is our number one priority. Without the consumer’s trust SoloHealth does not have a business. SoloHealth uses established and commercially reasonable hardware, software and other procedures to secure your data including encryption, Secure Socket Layering (SSL) and firewall technologies. Security technology is rapidly advancing and SoloHealth evaluates new technology on an ongoing basis to ensure that it provides the most appropriate level of privacy and security for protecting your information. Please see our complete Privacy and Data Sharing Policies.

Is SoloHealth technology all in-house or are there strategic partners?

SoloHealth has an in-house technology team but has also established strategic partnerships with leading technology companies including Intel, Verizon Wireless and Dell.

Are the SoloHealth Stations only located in retail locations?

The majority of SoloHealth Stations are located in retail locations, which are seen as the primary portal to interact with consumers. However, the Station’s benefits can reach beyond retail; SoloHealth is currently testing the Station in other appropriate environments, including on company campuses.

Who are SoloHealth’s retail partners?

Walmart, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Schnuck Markets, Vons, Tom Thumb and Randalls.

Is the SoloHealth Station available in international markets?

No. At the time, the SoloHealth Station is only available in the United States.

What brands would benefit from advertising with the SoloHealth Station?

Almost all brands within the health and wellness category would benefit (i.e. nutritional foods, oral care, digestive health, vitamins, weight loss and skin care). Managed health, insurance providers, pharma advertisers and medical professions also benefit.

Who are some of SoloHealth’s advertising partners?

Advertising partners include Pfizer, P&G, Kimberly Clark, Merck and Novartis.

Does SoloHealth have any investors?

Yes, SoloHealth has several strategic investors and partners including Outerwall, Inc.; Walter Huff (founder of HBOC); WellPoint, one of the nation’s largest health benefits companies; and Dell, SoloHealth’s technology development and deployment partner.

How do I become a business partner with SoloHealth?

SoloHealth offers exciting business opportunities for advertisers, health plan providers and retailers. To find out more about the SoloHealth Station platform and SoloHealth’s unique and customized offerings, please click here.

Has the SoloHealth Station been approved and does it meet regulation standards?

Yes, SoloHealth is adamant about meeting and exceeding safety standards and medical device guidelines. The SoloHealth Station is HIPAA-compliant and FDA-cleared.

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