In-Store Advertising with a Captive Audience

Medical, retail and pharmaceutical marketing executives today must navigate in an increasingly cluttered and fast-paced world where reaching that targeted and engaged consumer is a real challenge. SoloHealth Station participants spend an average of 4 minutes per visit — practically a lifetime when it comes to the average attention span. Our health care advertising strategies market to millions of consumers when health care is top-of-mind, delivering a contextually relevant and highly personalized experience. Our patented, learning-based technology allows for hyper-targeted messages at a time when people are often already in store and ready to purchase. Reach an engaged and active audience — when your products are aisles away, not miles away.

  • Testimonials

    “SoloHealth is unveiling a new pay-per-performance advertising model, called SoloTrigger, which delivers targeted healthcare content via its interactive kiosks and invites consumers to request additional information about products and services; sponsors only pay when consumers actively engage with the ad content… So far advertising partners have included Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Pfizer, Bayer, Hallmark and The Coca-Cola Company.”

    – MediaPost

  • Testimonials

    “Indeed, big brands see big potential when it comes to in-aisle digital… When Walmart shoppers use a SoloHealth touchscreen kiosk, they’ll be asked to provide their gender, age and ethnicity before getting served a Pepto or ZzzQuil video spot tailored to them… SoloHealth said that about 10 percent of consumers who see the videos opt in… Jon Waltz, P&G’s associate director of Walmart Team Health and Wellness, described P&G’s play as a test to see if advertising to consumers in a retail healthcare setting will work.”

    - AdWeek

  • Testimonials

    “The SoloHealth station in Sterling, Virginia, for example, runs a video for Healthy Choice yogurt while the blood pressure device inflates. Ads for Nature Made fish oil supplements or Healthy Choice frozen meals appear when consumers respond yes to a written question asking if they want more information about a healthy lifestyle. Others appear for allergy drug Zyrtec and heartburn medication Prilosec.”

    – USA Today

  • Testimonials

    “Because the kiosks can provide a direct call to action, the potential for advertising creates a revenue stream that home monitoring and telemedicine lack… The kiosks can help change the marketing equation with highly targeted audiences and the potential to build up profiles for users who can then watch highly targeted messages while checking their vitals.”

    - Forbes

    The Benefits

    Many reputable brands have partnered with SoloHealth to reach consumers, one-to-one, in-store, at the critical point-of-purchase. Consumers are engaged and products promoted through the health and wellness digital communication platform, supported by the SoloHealth Station.

    The Advantages

    So, what value do our partners see in aligning with SoloHealth? They have the opportunity to:

    • Reach millions of consumers monthly through a content-relevant and highly personalized experience
    • Touch self-selecting consumers when health is top-of-mind and products are nearby
    • Connect with an engaged and captive audience – average user session of four (4) minutes allows for an unparalleled relationship creation
    • Extend marketing strategies to connect in-store for branding opportunities to a targeted audience
    • Provides flexibility and the ability to incorporate ‘real-time’ changes