Health Conscious Consumers

For the first time ever, health care marketing and health care advertising is going to play a critical role in education. Our 40+ million consumers are taking charge of their own health, want to know how they are measuring up, and what best steps to take next. With health care and wellness top-of-mind, SoloHealth Station participants are engaged and ready to act. SoloHealth partners can play a critical role by empowering both health conscious consumers and employees to make better health care decisions.

Hyper Targeted

In today’s world, a targeted and personalized message is what really reaches and resonates with people. Health care marketing information should be specific and relevant. SoloHealth’s technology leverages pin-point targeting capabilities to reach not just a captive and engaged audience, but an audience that needs to know about your services and products specifically to stay healthy. SoloHealth can match demographics for race, age, gender, socioeconomic backgrounds and more. Our health care advertising partners reach the right person, at the right time, with relevant content that resonates.

Ongoing Relationships

Health care advertisers understand the importance of trust and frequency. SoloHealth consumers are repeat visitors—at the Stations, online and via mobile devices. SoloHealth knows that delivering a valuable and critical service through an engaging experience helps develop trusting relationships that last. Millions of people turn to SoloHealth for their ongoing self service health care. Our health care partners benefit from those seamless, valuable experiences.

An Interconnected World

From smartphones to fitness bands to tablets and computers, an interconnected world helps manage our lifestyles and data. Serving up relevant data means being able to pull the right information, from the right location, at the right time. The SoloHealth platform was built with connection in mind. Whether through apps on smartphones, or more sophisticated big data systems, SoloHealth is ready for an interconnected health and wellness world that helps serve people better.